Stewardship Appeal 2020

As we plan to celebrate the 75th anniversary of American Lutheran Church in July 2020…
Let’s Do Some Good Here… Together in Christ!

The beloved people of God at American Lutheran Church are a generous group!  Obedient to God’s command to live generously, the faithful followers of Christ at ALC have been and continue to be committed to carrying out the ministries of this congregation in order to not only pray for, but also to participate in God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

In response to the gospel, some people in this congregation are giving in ways they could once never have imagined giving.  We are truly blessed and deeply grateful.

While we are a faithful church, we are also a lean church.  This means that we depend on all of our participation in order to do God’s work at ALC. The Holy Spirit is here, abiding with us and filling us with enormous potential for doing ministry.  Potential becomes discipleship when people step forward and participate. 

Your discipleship matters, to God and to this congregation.  However big or small your participation is you are making a difference here.  Thank you for your generous participation.  You are a beloved child of God and an important part of American Lutheran Church.  We are so happy and thankful to be a part of this faithful body of Christ with you.

Please watch for your Statements of Intent to arrive in your mail and remember to bring them to church on Sunday, November 17th.

Thank you for all you do in service to God through American Lutheran Church.

Now,  Let’s Do Some Good Here….. Together, In Christ.

Over the past couple of years, our congregation has had the opportunity to reflect on the needs withing the congregation as well as the community around us. We’ve learned that God is calling us to do many things, and for the Stewardship Appeal 2020, we have identified three specific areas to use as our initiatives for 2020: Hope & Healing, Strengthen and Grow our Ongoing Ministries, and Grace Place.

Hope & Healing is an innovative new pastoral care and bereavement ministry in coordination with the Rocky Mountain Synod of the ELCA and Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. The program is the first of its kind in both the synod and this community and is developing from a call Deacon Gail Britt has discerned to provide much needed Christian support in times of grieving and loss through support groups, special services, visitation, and even the planting of memorial trees and plants. The goal of this ministry is to make intentional space in our faith for grief individually and as a community. In it we hope to find new ways to echo the psalmist’s confession of faith in the midst of suffering and to tune into the presence of God with us in our grief.

Strengthen and Grow our Ongoing Ministries. Everything we do as a faithful body of Christ supports our missions to Grow, Live and Share Faith, and to be a welcoming congregation. We must continue to support our foundation, including sustaining our current ministries as well as our basic needs, like keeping our lights on. Through our current ministries we feed homeless folks; provide quilts for our graduates, our sick and elderly as well as homeless people of all ages; enable our youth to participate in the ELCA Youth Gathering; bless families at Christmas with the Angel Tree program; provide shoes to children in need; collect and donate goods and funding for community programs such as the Community Food Bank, Western Health Network, Grand Valley Peace & Justice, and Homeward Bound just to name a few; share in worship and provide music opportunities; participate in interfaith programs. AND by maintaining our beautiful facility and grounds we are able to lift up Christ by providing an amazing place to worship God and care for one another. Faithful use of our building also offers a gathering space for bible studies and a multitude of community programs. GOD is at the hear of American Lutheran and our ministries are the outward signs of our commitment to God. We need to continue to support our ministries so they may flourish and God will be glorified.

Grace Place is the new name of our huge back yard. But more important than just its name, Grace Place is an overall concept to develop and renovate this space into a beautiful, usable place to worship, share in fellowship, and PLAY – for God’s children of ALL ages! Exciting ideas for future phases of Grace Place include: a beautiful outdoor, covered worship space; a peaceful columbarium; a meditative labyrinth; fun horseshoe pits, volleyball and other recreation games; a BBQ and picnic area; a community garden; a bonfire area. The idea is to create a unique space that offers an opportunity to enhance fellowship and the spiritual/faith life of all who use it.