Welcome to Worship at
American Lutheran Church

The Church is people. It’s not buildings, programs, or events, but it’s broken, struggling, recovering, hard-working, thankful, compassionate, generous, laughing and crying people. We are created, redeemed, sanctified people who belong to God. We are unique and interesting, shaped by God to be a gift to the world.  We hope your faith in God is strengthened as you experience the grace of God in small and large ways: in a splash of water, in a morsel of bread, in a sip of wine, in a word of forgiveness, in the gift of believing, May God bless You as we Grow, Live and Share Faith.

We GROW in faith, so that…
Immersed in the Word of God, we may engage in life-giving actions of worship, learning, serving, prayer, gratitude, and build healthy, open, caring and loving relationship with God and with the people God places in our lives.

We LIVE our faith, so that…
We may be the hands and feet of Christ. Every day we have many opportunities to share God’s unconditional love and forgiveness at home, at school and in our places of work and leisure. Wherever you are, God has a purpose for you!

We SHARE our faith, so that…
Children, youth and adults can be equipped to reach beyond the walls of our building to serve the needs of others in all the places to which we are sent in God’s world.

Praying, Singing and Practicing our Faith as we Worship Together

 Worship & Music Planning meets monthly to support the worship life  of the congregation. Their work includes research of liturgies, hymns and planning seasonal themes. 

Contemporary Worship Team plans and leads a joyful, creative,  upbeat style of worship each month with a combination of contemporary Christian vocals, guitars, percussion and video.

Altar Guild   This ministry is responsible for the preparation of the sacrament of communion and for the maintaining and cleaning of the worship linens.

 ALC Choir  Our mission is to sing songs of thanksgiving and praise to God, in order to create a prayerful focus and provide support for the congregation in worship.  All who enjoy singing are welcome to join in   creating beautiful music together.   

Liturgical Arts Ministry endeavors to enhance our worship space using a variety of artistic media styles in the crafting of banners, paraments, pictures and other representational art objects that are reflective of the liturgical seasons.

Puppet Ministry invites those who enjoy providing voices to a variety of puppet characters, in telling a bible story or illustrating a faith-filled message for children of all ages during worship.